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Here are some new screenshots of Acquire's Ken to Maho to Gakuenmono: Chrono Academy [Class of Heroes: Chorno Academy] for PSP, the latest installment of the RPG series.

GTTV revealed first details of Sony's PlayStation All Stars: Battle Royale, the game features Sony's first party game characters such as Kratos, Parappa, Sly Cooper, Fat Princess, Sweet Tooth, Radec and more....

Nintendo announced that users will be able to download full retail game titles for Wii, Wii U, DSi and 3DS starting this fall, the first full game downloads will be New Super Mario Bros. 2 and Onitore [Brain Age Onitore] for 3DS. Unlike PSN and XBLA titles, players can also purchase digital version of games from traditional and online retailers, where you can obtain a 16 digit download code to download in the eShop.

Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata said that the retail price of Wii U will not be announced at E3 this year, Iwata said details of the Wii U will be revealed at a press conference in Japan after E3. E3 visitors will still be able to find Wii U at E3.

Gung-Ho announced its GameArts developed title Dokuro for PS Vita will be released in July for 2400 yen (retail) and 1800 yen (digital download). The retail version will come with a Dokuro micro fiber cloth.

Here are some new images of Square Enix's Final Fantasy XIII-2 May Download Content, including Lightning's Requiem of the Goddess Episode, Moogle Customes, White Mage and Black Mage costumes....

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