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Sega announced its idol simulation game Next Hatsume Miku Project Diva (tentative name) for PS Vita will be released in Japan on Aug 30.

Square Enix announced two of its PS Vita launch titles Army Corps of Hell and Lord of Apocapypse will have a special promotion price drop in Japan between May 1 - 7, the price will be reduced by 2000 yen to 1990 yen and 2980 yen respectively. The promotion is only available in Japan.

Square Enix announced in Dengeki PlayStation that Lightning's download episode "Requiem of the Goddess" for Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be released after Snow's download episode sometimes in May. After you completed the Lightning Episode, you can recruit Armored Lightning to your party, she will have an exclusive new role and the Scene Drive abilities. Her armor can be used as as outfit for other characters.

In addition to episode downloads, more costumes will be released for Final Fantasy XIII-2 in the same month, they are White Mage costume for Serah and Black Mage costume for Noel; the Moogle will also get 16 different costumes, including Panda, Pirate, Little Devil costumes and more.

Microsoft announced they will release Chrome Silver, Chrome red and Chrome Blue Xbox 360 Wireless Controller SE in Japan on May 24, for 5775 yen each, each controller will include a download code for Capcom's Dragon's Dogma, which gives you 8 downloadable quests in the game.

Capcom's Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure producer Hironobu Takeshita said that he is interested to bring a sequel to this game on 3DS, it is one of the several IPs that he wants to return to.

Level 5 released a new trailer of Guild 01 for 3DS, which includes 4 games + 1 demo: Kaiho Shojo [Liberation Maiden], Rental Bukiya de Omasse [Omasse's Rental Weapon Shop], Aero Porter, Crimson Shroud and Time Travelers Demo.

GameTrailer's Invisible Wall episode host Shane Satterfield said that the "Wii U lineup will surprise some people, because it will be pretty damn good", he claimed that he has access to insider contacts and developers who work with Nintendo.

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