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Capcom announced Lost Planet 3 will be coming to PS3, Xbox 360 and PC in 2013, the game will take place in traditional snowy environment; the game is being developed by Spark Unlimited....

Capcom announced the release date of [Biohazard] Resident Evil 6 has been moved up from November 20 to October 2.

Bandai Namco announced Tiger & Bunny: On Air Jack, a new action game based on Masakazu Katsura's latest anime series Tiger & Bunny. The story takes place in a fictional city Sternbild City, in the game you control the veteran hero Kotetsu the Wild Tiger.....

Nippon Ichi revealed that they are working on a new PS3 RPG tentatively named the "20th Anniversary Project", the game will have character designs froM Noizi Ito and the NIS CEO Shuhei Shinkawa as the producer and Masahiro Yamamoto as the director. The two main characters are named Renya and Ririel. More details will be revealed in May.

Compile Heart announced Choujigen Game Neptune V (Victory) for PS3, the 3rd installment of the Neptune series. This time the story takes place in the 1980 era. The game will have much improved visual over the last two titles.

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