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Square Enix announced a partnership with Arena Homme+ Play, to use Final Fantasy XIII-2 characters to showcase Prada's 2012 spring/summer men's collection as part of the 25th Anniversary celebration of the Final Fantasy series....

Here are some new snapshots of Nintendo's Fire Emblem: Kakusei, showing the new marriage and dual battle system. In the game you can get married and have children, and your can recruit your children into the team. There are also special scenes for marriage proposals.

Kadokawa Games and Grasshopper announced Killer is Dead for PS3 and Xbox 360, which is an assassination adventure game, but it is not a sequel to Killer 7, the game will have original story and characters, and the keywords are Moon and Earth, there will be sword skills like in No More Heroes, plus a lot of ladies.

Bandai Namco announced two new game + video hybrid discs for PS3, they are Lagrange: The Flower of Rin-ne and Eureka Seven AO, both discs will include Blu-ray movie content plus a PS3 game. More details will be available soon.

Square Enix revealed in this week's Famitsu that the next Final Fantasy XIII-2 download content are the "Ezio" costume for Noel, "Exposure & Defense" costume for Serah; and Gilgamesh.....

Nihon Falcom announced its latest Eiyuu Densetsu title Nayuta no Kiseki will be coming to PSP in Japan on July 26, note the game name does not have "Eiyuu Densetsu" (Legend of Heroes).

Acquire announced Akiba's Trip Plus CD will be coming to PSP on June 21, which is an update to last year's cloth stripping game. The update includes new missions and a very difficult Holic Mode, plus full voice for all the events. The game also comes with a CD album and visual book.

Sony revealed that Resistance: Burning Skies for PS Vita will support 8 players online across 6 unique maps and 3 modes.

Sony and Amazon have launched a new Amazon Instant Video service for PS3, which allows PS3 to stream movies and TV shows through Amazon. There are 120k TV shows and videos available for rental or purchase, and 25k in HD format.

Ubisoft announced that Ghost Recon: Future Soldier will be coming to PC on June 12, three weeks later than the Xbox 360 and PS3 version on May 22. The PC version require Internet connection to register and activate the product.

Ubisoft SVP of sales and marketing Tony Key said that they have big plans for Wii U, the company is aiming to be the number one third party on Wii U.

GamesIndustry reported that a number of anonymous developers said that Wii U does not have the graphical horsepower to compete with current generation console Xbox 360 and PS3, despite being able to output video in HD format. One reason is that Wii U doesn't have as many shaders, it is not as capable, overall it can't quite keep up to the same level as PS3 or 360. Another concern is that only one tablet controller can be active and it must be within certain distance to the console, which means multiple players on the same console must use non-tablet controller and leading to different experience. Another developer suggests that PS3 and PS Vita can do what the Wii U and tablet controller can do already.

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