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Square Enix announced Episode Lightning: Requiem of the Goddess download episode for Final Fantasy XIII-2 in the latest issue of Dengeki, the DLC will be available in mid-May. The episode centers around the battles between Lightning and Caius, in a different form from the game's opening.

Bandai Namco updated its teaser site for the mystery game "X", now it shows the game is a "??? X Action Adventure".

Capcom announced the Asura's Wrath Street Fighter style download content will be coming in May, which allows Asura to battle against Akuma and Ryu in Street Fighter IV stages. The Ryu episode will be available on May 8, and the Akuma episode will be available on May 16, for 200 yen or 160 MSP each.

AquaPlus will release the PS3 port of the arcade fighting game Aquapazza in Japan on Jun 28, for 7140 yen. A limited edition will be available on the same date for 8379 yen, which includes a soundtrack album with 24 tracks and a sticker card.

Sting and Idea Factory has revealed Super Sting, a new brand the two companies will collaborate going forward. The first game released under Super Sting is Generation of Chaos VI for PSP, which will be released in Japan on Jun 28. Generation of Chaos will have a combo timing system, if you hit the action button in correct timing you can perform cooperative chaos attacks with your partners.

Gust announced Atelier Asha for PS3, the 14th installment of the Atelier RPG series. The two protagonists are the two sisters Asha Artool and Nio Artool. Ayesha sets out on a journey to find her sister....

Here are some new images of Sega's Phantasy Star Online 2, the game will be free to download and play, with optional items you can purchase using the Item Transaction System. The PC and PS Vita version will be cross platform....

Here is a new scan of Square Enix's Dragon Quest X: Mezameshi Itsutsu no Shuzoku Online for Wii.

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