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Here is a new Jump! scan of Square Enix's Bravely Default: Flying Fairy, the protagonist is a 17 year old witch who guards the Wind Crystal.....

Microsoft officially revealed Crimson Dragon for Kinect, the rail shooter from Panzer Dragoon producer Yukio Futatsugi. You can attack with your left hand (single shots), right hand (lock-on and homing attacks] or both hands....

Pokemon Company has officially announced Pokemon Black 2 / Pokemon White 2 for NDS, the latest work of the Pokemon series, the game will be released in Japan in June 2012, more details will be available soon.

EA revealed Medal of Honor: Warfighter for PS3 and Xbox 360, the game designed by real Tier 1 Operators, and focuses on current conflicts of the world, as well as personal issues of the soldiers....

Namco Bandai has registered Tales of Hearts for trademark protection in US on Feb 17, the trademark includes downloadable video game software as its media. This is probably be a remake that was rumored for PS Vita in the ending of Tales of Innocence R.

Here is a new preview video and images of Nihon Falcom's Eiyuu Densetsu: Zero no Kiseki Evolution [Legend of Heroes: Trail of Zero Evolution] for PS Vita, the game is scheduled for an August release in Japan.

Capcom released a new Brutality Trailer of Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City, the game will be available in North America on Mar 20.

Sega revealed that the Dreamcast classic Jet Set Radio will be coming to PSN and XBLA soon.

System 3 announced that they have signed a long term partnership with Ferrari, to develop the Ferrari racing game series.

Here are some new screenshots of Capcom's Street Fighter X Tekken, showing the story mode scenes of Chun Li, Cammy, Yoshimitsu, Raven, Poison and Hugo.

Here are some new images of Atlus' Persona 4: The Golden for PS Vita, the game will be available in Japan on June 14.

Here are some new images of Atlus and Arc System Works' Persona 4: The Ultimate in Mayanoka Arena, the game will be hitting arcade in March 1, and the console version will be available in summer....

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