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SCEA revealed that over 8.3 million units of PlayStation Move were shipped worldwide, and 7 million Move software were shipped in North America alone. More than 80 games will be compatible with Move by the end of 2011.

Final Fantasy XIII producer Yoshinori Kitase and director Motomu Toriyama revealed some additional tidbits of the game.

  • After the ending of FFXIII, Serah and Snow have lived together for 2 years, but they were not married. Snow left her to search for Lightning.
  • The main villain Kaias is one of the strongest enemy in the series.
  • Summon Raid is the monster summon system in this game. Monsters will sometimes turn into crystal, at this point you have successfully captured a monster to use in battle
  • Square Enix will release a Chinese version of Final Fantasy XIII-2 in Asia on Jan 31, 2012, which will have Japanese voice and English/Chinese text options. You can also import save data from either English or Japanese version of Final Fantasy XIII

Square Enix revealed that Final Fantasy Type-0 will have a 40 hours play time for the first time, when you play the game a second time, you will get a different story with Class 0 (the class that the protagonists attend). There is a hidden 13th character in the game, which can be unlocked at some point.

Capcom confirmed that the release date of Biohazard: Revelations is set to Jan 26, 2012 in Japan, for 5990 yen. The game will support the Expansion Slide Pad.

Sega released a new preview trailer of Daytona USA, which will be coming to PSN on Oct 25, for US$9.99, and XBLA on Oct 26, for 800 MSP. The game will have 16:9 display, and 6 game modes: arcade, original, survival, time trial, online multiplayer, and karaoke.

Sony announced it has frozen 93,000 PSN accounts after a large number of failed log-ins were attempted, which accounts 0.1% of users been affected, including 60,000 PSN/SEN and 33,000 SOE accounts. Sony is currently reviewing these accounts for unauthorized access, and stressed that credit cards info were secured and not affected.

Sony also revealed that Bravia TVs that were sold between 2007 - 2008 may have components that potentially can lead to overheating. Sony is initiating a free inspection program to check and replace faulty components, and the company also denied a recall of the Bravia TV in question. To date, there were no reports of any damages or injuries. The affected models are:

  • KDL-40D3400
  • KDL-40D3500
  • KDL-40D3550
  • KDL-40D3660
  • KDL-40V3000
  • KDL-40W3000
  • KDL-40X3000
  • KDL-40X3500

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