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- In an interview with Final Fantasy XIII art director Isamu Kamikokuryou, he mentioned that a lot of content were deleted from the game due to game volume and overall game balance. For example there was a full area surrounding Lightning's home which resembled a park; and there was a secret base for the resistance group Nora inside a shop; and there was a zoo inside the amusement facility Nautiuls. Kamikokuryou said the size of the deleted content was enough to make another game.

- Square Enix released the English International trailer of Final Fantasy XIII for PS3 and Xbox 360, which includes the theme song My Hands from Leona Lewis. Final Fantasy XIII will be released in North America on March 9, 2010.

- Sony has recently registered 4 new titles for patent protection in US, they are Digi-Tiles, Earthshield, Legend of Kunoichi and Smashbreak.

- Here are the latest Dengeki game review scores:

- Here are the latest Famitsu game review scores:

- Activision announced that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has generated over $1 billion sales worldwide since launch in November 2009.

- Namco Bandai announced a new Co-Op mode update for the home version of Tekken 6, which will be coming to PSN and XBL on January 18. The update allows two players to play the story mode online.

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- Here are some new images of Taito's Estpolis: The Lands cursed by the Gods, the Magic Stone Board System and new characters Iris, Guy, Artie and Haidekka were revealed....

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- Sony announced that the release date of Gran Turismo 5 has been postponed in Japan from March 2010 to an undetermined date, no reason was given. The North America release has also been postponed until late 2010.

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- Capcom's VP of strategic planning and business development Christian Svensson mentioned that Capcom is working on a Natal game which is based on a classic franchise from Japan.

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- Nintendo of America confirmed that Netflix video streaming service will be heading to Wii consoles this spring.

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