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News for all you Digimon fans out there

Hey people wassup, long time no see! Yeah, I've been busy with college the past weeks, and

unfortunately didn't have time to come by and chat or write topics, etc.
...but let us get back to the topic: Digimon.

OK, this July Bandai announced the new Digimon movie "Digimon X-Evolution: The 13th Royal Knight"

which will be a front for the 5th sesaon that has been going around as a rumor in the past year

or so. It seems that this announcment has gained some high hopes for people and might bring Digimon back to its 'former glory'. The movie'll be released in 2005 (someone find me a subbed

one on the net when it's out, a GOOD one ;)) as well as Digimon World 4. With the launch of

the movie new Digimon Trade Cards, toys & more will also be released. True up till now all

Digimon games concentrated on the 4 seasons, even Digimon Rumble Arena 2, but the good news is

that these new Digimon might also be in DW4! Bandai might even start a new range of games under

the name of 'Digimon War Zone' for home consoles (maybe like the Pokemon games? Better I hope).

I've attached two pics of some of the new Digimon Bandai has announced; the first is a Digimon

that looks like a cross between Beelzemon & GrandKuwagamon with some interesting accessories

(beat THAT YuGiOh!). The 2nd shows more Digimon; the top right is Lucemon (Is that his/her

name?), the middle left is Beelzemon, the bottom left is a 'Morrigan-like' Digimon, bottom-right

looks like some digivolved Vilemon or something, top-left look like some 'Gandalf-like/elfy

wizard' Digimon & the last one's a red gator with 2(?) tails. Soory, for the quality my scanner

isn't that good, heck I even had a hard time figuring out what they looked like myself before

If anyone can translate plz do.

Well, that's all from me here, see ya when I see ya!
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