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Jak fans

Hey fellow fans of Jak and Daxter. I have been playing the demo for Jak 3 and was curious to know if you had any info on the game. I can tell you one thing, the graphics are amazing as well as the gameplay. The demo doesn't do it much justice. Does anyone know anything more on this game?
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you can check out a bunch of developer interviews here
also PSM gave this game a 9 and they love the jak series, hope that they were drunk when they wrote the review or something
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Unless they Naughty Dog just completely fucked up and took a **** on the comps they made Jak 3 with I don't see how Jak 3 could be bad.
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Dr. Bombay
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I saw that Rachet And Clank 2 and Jak 2 are now both greatest hits and only 20 dollars. So I can finally get caught up in both series.
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Agreed Megaman they just need to follow the same formula and it'll be a great game.
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this game better rock, Jak 2 is one of my favorates, this better rock my socks off!! and dont all game creators use computers..
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Old 10-17-2004, 11:32 PM   #7
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Thanks for the info guys. Im pretty convinced now that I will be getting this game next month when it comes out. I just noticed they added a new light eco. I guess this is also the last in the series which is too bad but this is a great way to go.
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