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View Poll Results: Which system will be dominate in the upcoming portable war?
Game Boy Advance/SP (GBASP) 6 13.95%
Playstation Portable (PSP) 14 32.56%
Nintendo DS 22 51.16%
NGage 1 2.33%
Other (ex. Zodiac, etc.) 0 0%
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Old 10-20-2004, 11:33 AM   #61
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Originally Posted by Icarus4578
Alistein ~ "Which parents know Nintendo ? A lot of those same parents are in to tech stuff and know Sony quite well too . And besides the DS won't be aimed at just kids and so will not be a favorite with the parents ."

Yeah you're just stating your opinion but it's an opinion you could have kept to yourself since no one asked you.
Icarus spamming all over the forum with the same post tut tut.
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Phazon Pirate
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DS is winning at the moment but PSP is close behind.
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Wow, this is an interesting thread. I think that many of you are making assumptions on how things will turn out in this battle between the nds and the psp. Icarus, you're saying that the psp will break down in just a matter of months. The truth is we don?t know. I understand that you're making this assumption because Sony products generally die after a while. It's happened to me before so I know. But that?s something unproven so it shouldn't be your strong focus in your replies. Everyone else also talked about concerns with price and battery life of the psp. I believe that it's ok that you show concerns about them, but I think it?s wrong to give your own take on how much it will cost and how much the battery will last.

Anyhow, on with the good part! At this very moment, I believe that Sony?s psp will not be able to take down Nintendo?s iron grip in the handheld market. There?s simply isn't enough information about it to convince people to go buy it. There are a good number of people who have their sights set on the psp just because it has better graphics and so forth. But there are others who have other things to worry about. I believe that size is an important factor when you're trying to release a handheld. The psp is about 9 inches long! That thing is huge compared to the nds. It looks like the xbox of the handhelds. There are also reports that the machine gets a little hot while playing. Maybe this will add up to it breaking down very easily like Icarus has been saying all along.

Another issue with the psp is the price of it. THERE IS NO PRICE FOR IT YET! And Sony plans to release it in December in Japan. Price has always determined the success of the handheld and Nintendo has always managed to sell handheld systems and games at low price. The nds has a retail price of $150 and games will sell at low as $30!!! What does Sony has to say about this, nothing. The system has no official price and the same goes for the games. If you go to ebworld, psp games are set to be sold for $50?! I rather waste 50 on a console game. Then there is the battery issue. It?s has a rechargeable battery, its not like we?re going to waste more money on alkaline battery every time it runs out of it (This is why the game gear suffered a horrible defeat). Then again, it?s not good to run out of battery after a couple of hours. Sony better give us an honest figure about its battery life. It would suck if I had to carry a charge on me to everywhere I go.

Nintendo clearly has the advantage here, just because they've been in the handheld business for so long and they have toppled every competition they?ve had. Sony is the newcomer and anything could happen. The psp is already receiving a lot of support among gamers and developers. It's their secrecy that's keeping me from committing to it. The nds has my vote for being that system that would dominate this market, but we shouldn?t rule out Sony. We've seen what they did when they got into the console market. But they could also slip up just like Nintendo did.

Wow I've never written this much in this forum
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Old 10-20-2004, 06:04 PM   #64
Phazon Pirate
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I agree with your last sentence. You did write a lot.
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Old 10-20-2004, 07:36 PM   #65
Deal with it.
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Escaflowne2001 ~ "Icarus spamming all over the forum with the same post tut tut."

Yeah, and what do you call it when somebody comes into a thread and discredits your right to state your opinion? I'm just using Alistein's own words against him, that's all.
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