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Watch Out!
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Network Adapters

Out of the 290 million people living in the US, 8.5 million own a Ps2, and out of the 8.5 million Ps2 owners in the US, only 250,000 will get network adapters when they come out. That means only 3% of all US Ps2 owners will have a network adapter, only 5% by the end of the year when a grand total of 500,000 network adapters are released. One of the reasons Sony is shipping so few is to keep the servers from being too overloaded.

Things will get hectic when there released on Augest 27th. Your thoughts?
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I think what Sony's is doing is MUCH more complex and complicated than simply just limiting the units to make it easier to play. Sony is using the people lucky enough to buy a network adpator this year as "testers".

They are testing all sorts of things aside form the hardware however. They are testing the "boring" things about marketing and what people do or try to do with it. It will be a real world test...which is very likely to have all sort of problems.

In the end all this will help them decide where network gaming "is"right now. Depending on what happens or how well it works, and how much "profit" they can see will determine when (if ever) things like the Adaptor & HDD will packed in the with the base system. And, it will also determine just what sorts of inferstructure they need in the future.
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1. Sony began US Beta-testing back in March for both the MODEM/ethernet adaptor and FF-XI. Just like in Japan, the focus of the bugs were on FF-XI and Square's rookie MMORPG start-up glitches, with no feedback seeming to come back on the adaptor, so apparently it worked fine for testers.

2. The MODEM is already out now, as is the HDD. It was on sale at with the LINUX package, and several users of it already said they've been playing Tony Hawk online with it. Now SCEA has shut down it's site for indefinite time and just won't tell anyone when they'll get their asses back up. I would have had the damn thing a month ago if it weren't for this.

3. I believe the low # of people listed as going online is a reflection of anticipated demand, and Sony doesn't want to produce too many just to have them rot on store shelves. FF-XI in Japan only sold 10% of what FF-X has sold, meaning 90% of people who played the previous FF either can't or won't play FF-XI. Maybe that's a factor in Sony trying to anticipate how many they can sell here?

4. I think it's a bad idea for either Microsoft or Sony to put out too much of their best games as online when given what I expect to be a low online turn-out.

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Eather way i did the smart thing and pre-ordered mine from eb. muhahaha.
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So how's the ps2 BB doing in the sates? whyo got one and is it easy to go online?
any problem?? or anything you want to mention? Fill us in on the online thingy with ps2 ! anyone? :big smile
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I got one, and haven't had a spot of trouble with it, with the exception of having once to restart my cable modem to reset the connection. Trouble with online gaming--and the myriad setups all over the world--is that a standard is hard to come by. My friend who's a whiz at this stuff has had much more difficulty than I have, the likely reason being he's got all sorts of routers and forwarding going, whereas my PS2 is just straight to the wall.

There are USB alternatives to the dwindling supply of NA's. And I haven't tried the dial-up option, though it's a comfort (and relief, for non-broadband customers) knowing it's at least there.
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If you have a USB cable modem or DSL there is no need for the network adapter unless you have mutlple systems you want to hook to a switch/hub/router =)
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