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Drunken Savior
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Prince of Persia 2 - Combat Video


Whaddayea think?

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Dr. Bombay
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Looks great, but I mean, what this is the fourth or fifth in game fighting engine called "Free form fighting engine". They should have named it bertha. That way, it stands out more if it's successful.

Only problem I see with this game is the lack of a gimmick. There does seem to be one, but it doesn't center around the usage and minipulation of time. I think, unless this game is truly magical, that's going to hinder sales just a bit, especially if this game reverts to the hard knuckle difficult of the PC yesteryear titles.

But, it looks great thus far. Another game brimming with style.

But 10-1 there will be no longer be any female enemies with the level of gore you now have at your disposal.
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great great great cant sya it enough, this looks like a wonderful game.
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I wasn't that impressed with PoP and don't generally find multiplatform games all that appealing...but this is one of my more anticipated titles. Looks really well put together. Still can't help but wonder how much better it would be as an Xbox exclusive (or even a Xbox/PS2 multiplatform game).
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If it wasn't downgraded for PS2 it be a lot better I'd assume.

Anyhow the combat system needed work and so did the time manipulation stuff.Hopefully the sequel will solve this.

Now I just need to beat the first game.I got stuck on an extremely annoying part of the game where you walk on narrow elevated walkways that if you fall off you have to slowly trod through water so basically you have to walk slow the whole time and if you don't figure out what to do you'll get very irritated quickly.
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