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Sinful Sam
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Free Xbox Live Games

By Daniel Kayser -- News Writer
Published 10:53 AM CDT, June 30, 2004

Microsoft wants you to spread the word about Xbox Live...and free games are up for grabs!
There's really no doubting that Xbox Live is THE best online gaming community in the world. With new Xbox Live features continually being implemented and what seems like countless quality games at your disposal, there really is no reason to miss out on the wonder of Xbox Live. Well, Microsoft has gone a step further and announced a promotion in which giddy Xbox Live gamers spreading the word about Live can be rewarded with the best prize of all...FREE games!

When a new account is created via your recommendation, all the new gamer has to do is fill out here form with information such as their email, your email, their new gamertag and so on. A drop down list of your first and second most requested games is then filled out and the games will be sent your way courtesy of Microsoft.

You better hurry up though as this offer ends on July 29, 2004. There's never been a better time than now to get those lazy friends of yours onto Xbox Live! So spend a few hours increasing your persuasive skills point value and go get em' gang!

It's kind of lame that you have to bug your friends to get Xbox live to in order to get a free game.
BTW the free games are Top Spin, Links 2004, and Ralli Sport Challenge 2.
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Sin and Punishment
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How about free Xbox live instead?
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Joe Redifer
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Hey! The title of this thread is misleading. It insinuates that there are free Xbox Live games that you can download onto your HD! For shame! I want free games!
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Coup de Grace!
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did you look at the 3 games offered?
It's not that I'm a Nintendo's that Nintendo is actually better.

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