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Question C vs SNK EO

I'm thinking of buying Capcom vs SNK II EO when it comes out for the CUBE.

Alas the GC-controller sucks for (2D)fighter games.

I heard accessory exists to connect PS2 controllers to my NGC.

Could anyone post some info about it, please?
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Thats one of many places. Though my least prefered joypad for 2D fighter games is the playstation pad. Drives me crazy.
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Thumbs down

I'm a big boy, so I'll tough it out with the GC controller. Did you know that that CvsSNK2 comes with a free memory card? I think that it might also be at a reduced price.

My only problem is that the Japanese boxart is so much cooler than the US one.
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Black Ace
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I'm gonna passed up on this game.
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And once you go to the link that Alucard provided, I would really suggest you go here:

They have all the BEST joysticks for the PS2. I would HIGHLY suggest (from personal use) that you pick up the ASCII Fighter Pad. That works wonders for you, and I know for a fact that you'll love it. I'm not sure about the Joystick version, but I def. can vouce for the Pad. I have the DC version, and I love it.
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