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Black Sugar
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Silver GameCube Bundle

Nintendo of America today announced that effective October 14th, gamers can purchase the indigo-colored GameCube along with a Memory Card 59 and Super Mario Sunshine, in a single aggressively priced hardware/software bundle. The Super Mario Sunshine bundle will be available at a manufacturer?s suggested retail price of $189.95.
What do u think?
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Hello handsome!
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That's awesome....................if you don't have a system. Actually I hope it sells quite a few systems for the big N. They should do something similar for people who already have the system. Like say sell a game and a controller for say $64.95 That would be nice to see.
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Very, very good to see. It's the old Nintendo I used to remember. I like that a lot. I wish they would have done it sooner and just taken a sight budget cut, but hey! At least it's being done. Cheers to Nintendo.
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Old 08-05-2002, 12:01 PM   #4
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Ye4h, I want to see multi-colored 'cubes! I really wanted that see-through blue limited edition PS2 that cam3 out a while ago. That thing was aw3some!
I took a class in it.
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xXx Beaver xXx
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Cool, if I buy a Cube, I will get it when this bundle comes out.

Sunshine will be AWESOME!
I can't wait!

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