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Exclamation Microsoft to scale down Longhorn?!

I just read this on a computer magazine. They're scaling down the key features just so that the OS will be out and ready by 2006! So, in other words, it'll be a Windows XP, with little varitaion! Who are they getting this OS ready for anyway? People are happy (OK, some; bugs) with XP, and they don't care WHEN a new one comes out! ...and even if there's gonna be a new OS why not just take you're time making it to be better than XP?
Speaking of XP, I heard that Linux is far faster than XP, which means that Linux doesn't use up a lot of, or 'eats' your RAM. Do you think they'll put that in Longhorn? Only time will tell.
Note: If you find this topic should be deleted than inform me plz, don't just delete it when I don't know
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Joe Redifer
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If I were a mod, I'd move this into the PC section. But I'm not a mod.

"loghorn" won't be anything mindblowing. It'll still have a shitload of bugs when it is released and require at least 2,000 security updates. Remember, this is Microsoft we are taking about. They are not champions of innovation. They like to copy, though. So we'll see.

I'm sticking with 2000 Professional.
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Ah they must be waiting to see what Apple shows in their "Tiger" upgrade.
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