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Renegade X
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Doom 3 for the Xbox looks.... DAMN GOOD!!!

Ok, those screens that have been popping up on the net that show off the XBOX version of DOOM 3... Do not give the XBOX hardware the credit it deserves... I just got done watching the E3 Doom 3 for XBOX trailer and... good god does it look good, I know the PC version will be a whole lot better, but seriously, for those of you who don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on a PC upgrades and have a XBOX trust me, your not losing much.

If you wanna see the footage for yourself, head over to ... you won't be disappointed.
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The Moment..
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i wasnt dissapointed..i saw what i knew i would see..a watered down pc version...

tell you what if you are considering buying the xbox version..please dont check out the pc version.....just be happy with what you got.....i am picking it up on xbox.....but dont be like me
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