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FFXI: COP, FM Online, Ambrosia Odyssey info

New Final Fantasy XI expansion: "Chains of Promathia"

This week's Famitsu contains the first official information concerning the latest expansion for Final Fantasy XI, subtitles "The Chains of Promathia". The add-on will be released in Japan this Autumn, some 18 months after the release of "The Rise of Zilart". Players without the first expansion will be able to install the latest add-on, as the story is not directly connected, although there will be some small connections between the two, meaning players familiar with the Zilart storyline will find more enjoyment in the Promathia expansion.

The latest expansion will contain at least 40 new areas, filling in empty areas of the existing world map. A number of new modes of transport are also to be included, with a new boat, and flying vehicles being highlighted in Famitsu. It was also mentioned that Square-Enix currently have no plans to add new extra jobs, job skills, or to increase the level cap further.

Front Mission Online details emerge

Very little is known about the online version of Square-Enix's popular mech series, "Front Mission", but this week's Famitsu reveals small glimpses of what we can expect in the game. The game will be entering beta testing this summer, with a final release expected in 2005. The genre is listed as "action simulation", and players can enter the battlefield as a single unit, as well as in armies or platoons like other MMORPGs. The game will be played on the PlayOnline network, like Final Fantasy XI, and will be released for the PS2 and PC.

Ambrosia Odyssey: first concrete information

In the third of a triple-bill of PlayOnline-based titles, Famitsu reveals the first concrete information on Square-Enix's action RPG, "Ambrosia Odyssey". The game can be played as a standalone RPG offline, with a wide array of quests to take part in, as well as a storyline with multiple branches. Players can build their own towns, complete with unique histories. Taking the game online, players can visit other players' towns, experiencing their story and history, allowing for a number of novel possibilities.

The game is being developed by Rocket Studio, KAI Graphics and SuperSweep, with Goi (Junkmetal) of Production Studio 10 heading the project. The beta test is said to have suffered a delay, and the game currently has no set release date.
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Yeah, only moderately interested in Ambrosia Odyssey (I like the title ). I want Front Mission 4 badly, but unless there is a great offline mode in FMO (seems rather unlikely), I won't bother with it.
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ahh ..good content is flowing for ff online...i cant wait.....there are a couple of things they should add though..hey ill send them a letter..brb
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compared to the things announced for the SWG expansion this looks rather bleak. I don't want new areas really... They are fine sure. But still we need new skillss and new jobs. It would be a HUGE letdown if it does not have new skills and jobs. However I think Square will slowly reveal the juicy stuff.
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