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Hello handsome!
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Dead Man's Hand

Anyone played this diamond in the ruff?
IMO If Gunsmoke(NES) was to take a FPS perspective it would end up being Dead Man's Hand. I say this because it's set up very similar to Gunsmoke. You fight baddies through a level and fight a boss at the end. You can carry up to 3 guns at once like Gunsmoke and also you wield a huge ass knife and can pick up dynamite and use that also. There are also levels where you ride a horse just like Gunsmoke. But your horse doesn't have a seperate life bar like in Gunsmoke. For a bargain game, $30 new, this game is excellent. It runs on the Unreal II engine has some decent charachter animations and runs fairly smooth on the Xbox. I would suggest this game to anyone who remotely likes FPS games and anyone who remotely likes western(cowboy) themed games. It also plays fairly well online. I only played one game so far online but I enjoyed it enough that I will play it more once I beat the one player game.
But being a bargain game it has some faults aswell. First is the sluggish menu system. Once the game finally loads to the title screen you struggle with the menu. It's just annoying hitting a button and then 2 seconds later it responds. Secondly is the audio. The music isn't bad but the amount of bass they let in is rediculous. If you have a sub woofer you will want to turn it off. The sound online is pretty bad as in you can't tell where your enemy is coming from because footsteps come from all speakers at all times. Finally is hit detection in game. It's not very tight. I've noticed that while shooting at enemies sometimes the enemy will get hit even though my cursor was not even on the body.

Overall this is a decent game and it deserves to be played. Check it out if you get the time.
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64-bit Interactive Multimedia System
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Are the load times for online play as bad as Unreal II, in the one minute range before the game starts? After all the bugs in the online play for Unreal II XMP, a FPS from Atari will have to get awesome ratings before I'll buy another one. Long load times + games crashing = suckage.
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Aces and Eights, I always tell people they are going to die when they throw em down in a poker game.

I've been waiting for this game, for the exact reasons you mentioned: I like FPS games, I love Westerns, and it is a cheap game. Is it available now?

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Hello handsome!
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Yes, it's available now. It's entertaining for the most part.

I didn't notice any huge load times for online gaming. The only thing that happened was after the 1st match I played I was going to hang on and try another level but got disconnected. Now I don't know if that was a technical issue or if the dude that was hosting the game decided to end the session. But I didn't have time to go back in because I was going to try and compare and contrast Gradius II on the Turbo CD and PS versions.
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