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The XFX 5700 Ultra is the first NVIDIA graphics card to enable the Next-Generation GDDR-3 Graphics Memory.


A New high powered weapon is here to turn the tide in the fight against poor gaming performance. The XFX GeForce FX 5700 Ultra with DDR3 is the perfect addition to the plethora of powerful video cards in our arsenal. Through its use of DDR3 Memory and GeForce FX 5700 Ultra GPU, this card has just what youll need to transform your games into a smooth action packed experience.

Dont put up with low FPS, XFX is here to defend your right to the best gaming experience available.

SANTA CLARA, CA?MARCH 4, 2004?Continuing a long line of industry firsts, NVIDIA Corporation (Nasdaq: NVDA), the worldwide leader in visual processing solutions, today announced that it is the first to offer graphics solutions based on Graphics Double Data Rate 3 (GDDR-3) memory. This new memory technology allows for lower power and higher clock speed board designs when combined with NVIDIA GeForce FX graphics processing units (GPUs). Working with leading memory manufacturer Samsung, add-in card partners are preparing worldwide shipments of NVIDIA? GeForce? FX 5700 Ultra-based add-in-cards with 128MB of GDDR-3 graphics memory.

?NVIDIA has taken real-time rendering to a level where it is almost indistinguishable from the cinematic-quality rendering we see in movies,? said Bryn Young, director of memory marketing and sales at NVIDIA. ?High-speed memory technology such as Samsung?s new GDDR-3 graphics memory is essential to our goal of advancing real-time graphics to photorealistic quality.?

GDDR-3 graphics memory is the next evolution of high-speed DDR SDRAM technologies that have played a major role in enabling GPUs to drive complex geometries and character animations and deliver visual effects on par with the hottest motion pictures. GDDR-3 graphics memory enables higher memory clock frequencies at a lower power level with fewer components and less constraints on system designers. These technology advances enable NVIDIA partners to bring higher performance solutions to consumers at better prices.

?We have been working with NVIDIA to make GDDR-3 graphics memory a reality in the marketplace,? said Mueez Deen, director of memory at Samsung Semiconductor, Inc. ?NVIDIA is consistently an aggressive adopter of new technology and we are excited that an NVIDIA-based graphic solution has enabled Samsung to be the first to market with GDDR-3.?

NVIDIA GeForce FX 5700 Ultra GPU-based graphics boards with 128MB of GDDR-3 will be available in mid-March from leading add-in card venders worldwide, including: Albatron, ASUS Computer International, BFG Technologies, Inc., Corporation, Gainward Co., Ltd., Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd., Leadtek Research, Inc., MSI, Palit Microsystems, Inc., Point of View, PNY Technologies, Inc., Sparkle Computer Co., Ltd., and XFX, a division of Pine. For details on where to buy GeForce FX-based graphics cards, visit the NVIDIA Web site at

For more information on XFX brand graphics cards visit
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All of it pretty much sales pitch. No point knowing about the card without any benchmarks, Their geforce 4 card range wasn't that spectacular, and neither was their FX ones. I hope they lift their game.
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