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Xenogears II

Interesting, they made even Kos-Mos more older looking, I like the development in the characters in terms of apperince and age, from the original. But I have only 1 question, isn't Kos-Mos a robot?, and having said that, doesnt that mean she can't age? get hungry, sad, happy or have any other basic protien needs. I haven't completed the 1st game entirly but i plan to before the realese of XGII. So if theres some dark secrect about Kos-Mos that I donno, please no 1 spoil it for me. Anyway this post is to rant and rave about this upcomming masterpeice, so any thoughts post'em here. But i gotta go finish up with the first 1.
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xenogears??? dont you mean xenosaga??? and why is this in the cube section??? questions that need answering!
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wow dude, you're on crack
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I'll lock this one since theres already a xenosaga 2 topic thats fairly.
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