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Cannot install Prince of Persia

When I attempt to install the game I get the following error message:

Setup has experience an error

Please do the following:

-close any running programs
-empty your temporary folder
-check your internet connection

then try to run the setup again

error cod: -6002


does anyone know what the problem is? I've never had a game installation request that I empty my temporary folder before. Even when I do (and follow the other directions as well) the error message still appears.

I don't know what the problem could be, because my pc far exceeds the requirements, and I've got DirectX9 and everything. Has anyone else encountered this?
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hmm...First I'll have to ask whether its an original from the store or a downloaded copy you got JUST by chance from a friend to TEST it out before buying a copy from the store!! ... hmm.. That sometimes makes a difference since it could be a slightly bugged copy. Perhaps the game needs a patch. Perhaps its a bugged copy..

First thing to do is go to the forums of the actual games site and check the technical section. Your problem could be listed there by the developers or even someone else who has it. Usually theres always a fix there. sounds familiar.. Maybe my brain can remember when something like that happened to me once. I swear it has.
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