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MoH: PA vs. CoD.

That's right. It's been a while coming but EA's reputation for best war game is on the hot line. Call of Duty has been shaping up to be a improvement over everything MoH never reached and if I'm not mistaken will be out by next month. I think EA for one is starting to fell that heat in their newwest trailer. So let's compaire.

EA's Medal of Honor: Pacific Assualt. All FMV ;)

Infinity Ward's Call of Duty. Uses Gamplay to get you pumped.

Now for Gameplay Vids.
EA's Medal of Honor: Pacific Assualt.

Infinity Ward's Call of Duty.

Well what says you all?
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Thres a reason Call of Duty trounces MoH: PA, and its that 15 or so members of the original 2035 team, responsible for MoH, left to set up Infinity Ward where they could make up their own vision of a WW2 game. ITs obvious where all the talent went. ;)

Rising Sun looks nice, but it looks like another by-the-numbers singleplayer experience to me. Ultimately, the war was a team effort and not won by a single person, and CoD emphasizes on that far more than MoH - without your teammates, in CoD you'd be toast in less than a second. :p
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