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Need help with codec problems..

Is there a "stand alone codec installation" on the internet? I got an old PC with internet access but my new computer doesn't, so I cannot view certain video files and play games without new codecs on my new PC.
I'm thinking of doing a simple cut(from old Pc) and paste(on new PC) but I don't know where all the codecs are installed.

btw will I damage my PC if I turn it on and off frequently(main electric switch)? Or do I really need to use the stand by mode(sleep button)?
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Try downloading ffdshow (google it), its a singe install pack that installd Xvid, divx (all versions) and mpg4 on your pc. That covers pretty much all popular formats as far as movies for PC playback go, so that should fix you up.

Also, switching your pc on and off all the time isnt necessarily bad for your pc, as long as you aint doing it like 20 times a day. :p I have gotten into the habit of just leaving my PC on all day since its connected to the net and downlaoding, or "jsut there" for people to contant me via instant messaging. If electricity consumption worries you, then dont be, I have very low electricity bills despite my PC being on 24/7. ;) Just make sure you turn your monitor off if you aint using your PC, and switch it off entirely during thunderstorms and you should be fine.
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I installed the codec in my new pc and it does nothing to solve the problem. I'm using Windows XP and show a "need a indeo codec...blabla from http://ligosblabla.comblabla" message when I run game(Big Mutha Trucker) and view game previews.

So any other suggestions?
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Do try and use the SHUT DOWN option when you want to turn your prc off otherwise you will be having constant scandiscs everytime you turn your system on and it CAN lead to screwing your HD up. Dont turn it off from the main switch.

I'm not too sure about this problem of yours.. If you're having problems running games, have you installed the latest video drivers in your new system? Plus if clips are bothering you then try and do an auto update for media player. Also download programs like QuickTime. Some clips will only play in that one and not media player. hmm...if its a brand new PC then make sure to do the windows updater option abd install all the security files and blahblah. All that SHOULD fix your problem.
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