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Transformers: The Live action Movie..

We were joking about it the other day. Hey look an Evangelion live action movie. And we said how funny would it be if they made a Transformers the movie one... Shoot me in the leg cause the jokes on me.

LOS ANGELES, California (AP) -- The shape-shifting "Transformer" robots from the 1980s may soon be using 20-something nostalgia to fuel a Hollywood movie.

The Hasbro toy company has teamed with the production company Angry Films to create a live-action version of the popular cartoon series that ran from 1984 to 1987, about a group of alien robots who disguise themselves on Earth as common vehicles.

"The basic thing is that if you've been going to the comic-book festivals and seeing all that stuff, the '80s kind of came back last year in a huge way," Angry Films producer Don Murphy said.

Based on original lineup
The story of "The Transformers" centers on a war between two mechanized armies -- the heroic Autobots, led by the red tractor-trailer Optimus Prime, and the evil Decepticons, ruled by the gigantic silver gun Megatron. Seeking new sources of energy, both factions crash-land on Earth.

Although the "Transformers" toys have changed over the years -- from animal shapes to the current series of futuristic machines -- Murphy said the movie would be based on the original lineup.

The 1980s Hasbro toys, which the cartoon helped turn into a money-machine for the company, have recently been reissued by the original Japanese manufacturer, Takara Co. A recent comic book based on "The Transformers" and a DVD of the original cartoon series have also become best sellers.

Murphy and his producing partner, Tom DeSanto, whose credits include "X-Men" and "X2: X-Men United," are still in the early stages of the "Transformers" movie. The project has not yet settled at a studio and no potential release date has been set.

"We figured the technology had finally caught up to the point where we could actually show an 18-wheel truck turning into a giant robot. "
-- Don Murphy, film producer

Obviously as a fan of the series I'm thrilled AND horrified at the thought of this happening. If they did it right it could be awesome. I mean I'd be alot happier if it were WETA or even the guys who do the CG for the Macross Zero anime <which is unbelievably cool and gorgeous>, but I dont know who these Angry Films people are. They sound like some budget B-grade studio. So I did a little search on them and found a few things they're working on..

Supposedly they're doing the "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" with 20th Century fox.. So that could be a good indication of what they're capable of. On a couple side notes they're also in line to do "Doctor Strange: Master Of The Mystic Arts." with Columbia <who are also the ones withthe Spider-Man license I think.> And surprisingly the "Astroboy" movie and something called "Parasyte..

One other strange one is this freaky sounding thing...

Phoenix Without Ashes a story set aboard a 2,000 mile-long space ship that houses 400 biospheres that has been traveling for thousands of years and generations and generations have come and gone. Through theses years, the ship has veered off target and nobody even knows that they are aboard a ship at all--except for one figure who knows and must convince them that they are, indeed, on a space ship and are about to crash into a star. Writer David Goyer was repped by Endeavor for this sale to Sony Pictures/ Angry Films. The script is to be adapted from Harlin Ellison's novel, which Goyer and Don Murphy will produce.
Ofcourse this was back in 1999.. Anywa, for all you fans out there keep your fingers crossed. We got burned with that bastard ARMADA crap. Lets hope we get something this time to be happy about... Autobots! Transform and role out!! *kii-kaa-kee-koo-kuu*....
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It'll suck. Hasbro has a unique way of doing all the wrong things with TF's lately.
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this is incredibly cool and incredibly frightening news all-in-one

the potential is there but without the right budget i could see this one being a big dissapointment. keeping my fingers crossed but i'm not going to hold my breath
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