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Computer program to pinpoint author's sex

Wednesday, 28 May , 2003, 00:59

Sydney: By noting the subtle differences in the words used by men and women, a new computer programme identifies the sex of an author.
"Women have a more interactive style," said Shlomo Argamon, a computer scientist at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago who developed the programme.

"They want to create a relationship between the writer and the reader."

According to a report in The Age, the programme correctly determined the sex of the author in 80 per cent of the works it checked. However it missed A.S. Byatt's best-selling novel, "Possession" as also Michael Frayn's science fiction tale, "A Landing on the Sun".

Argamon's gender programme is part of a much broader technique called "stylometry," which analyses styles not only of writing, but also of music, graphics, art and architecture.

Along with fellow-researchers Moshe Koppel and Anat Shimoni, Argamon published a report on their work in the April edition of the journal Literary and Linguistic Computing.

For years, scholars have debated whether William Shakespeare wrote a 17th-century play called "Two Noble Kinsmen". "These computer techniques may eventually be able to provide us with answers to these kinds of questions," Argamon said. ANI


Guess its time to take out the S in ASL!
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