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Toukiden team working on “surprise title,” wants to make Toukiden 3

Since Monster Hunter World is now on PS4, the need of Toukiden is low for now until people are tired of MHW.


Toukiden team working on “surprise title,” wants to make Toukiden 3

But Toukiden 3 is likely a ways off.

The team at Omega Force that developed the Toukiden series is currently working on a new title that is not Toukiden 3, Omega Force brand lead and Toukiden producer Kenichi Ogasawara said during the Omega Force 20th Anniversary Commemoration Concert today.

“We [the Toukiden team] have not announced a packaged title since Toukiden 2, but as we are currently working on another project at Omega Force, once we can finish it properly, I would like to make a new Toukiden, so please wait a little while longer,” Ogasawara said.

That “another project” is apparently a “surprise title,” according to Ogasawara. But since that project still needs a bit of time, the announcement of a Toukiden 3 is likely a ways off.
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It probably will the Kiwami version of Toukiden 2.

Wish they rebalance the game and put some challenge. There were some gamebreaking builds and I felt that the mechanics were just too easy with the demon hand and the destroyers but perhaps making things easy is something well known for Omega Force.

I'm joking about that last part of course.

No, I'm not.
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