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Tekken 7 sales top two million since release

This includes Akuma right?

Tekken 7 sales top two million -- Two million copies in three months.

Tekken 7 has sold over two million copies as of September, director Katsuhiro Harada said on Twitter. The game launched worldwide on June 2.

The sales numbers came in response to a question asking how many copies Tekken 7 has sold “on consoles.” It is unknown if Harada included PC data in his response, but even so, the game has sold over 311,000 copies on PC according to SteamSpy data.
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Yes. It's a great looking game and the gameplay systems aswell as content seemed substancial. It has a very healthy roster aswell.

It's deserved. Certainly an example to follow.
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Sorry but I disagree.

This is one of the weakest tekkens.

The gameplay is appealing more to casual base and it has been made less complex wich I don't consider this something wrong, if it can attract more people then it's ok but for someone who has been following the series from the very beginning will find this one very lacking.

They took out some great characters (not counting reskins) wich most were kinda difficult to play with but added a lot of versatility with their fighting styles and they introduced a bunch of uninteresting ones with noob friendly learning curves but then again if you want to bait noobs you have to get rid of the complexity. And there is Akuma wich I find it good in a fully 3d fighting game he got well adapted to the system and it makes me think that because they butchered the roster and were specting to lose some fanbase they also come with the idea of guests to get more people interested.

Also disliked the rage arts, disliked the flashy moves in Soul Calibur V and of course I hate them on this one they just break the pace of the fight. They make think that tekken is losing it's own identity in order to get some 2d players into it and it's taking the same road as the Soul Calibur series and we know it didn't end well.

So to sum up I think it's undesrved, can't believe it took them 3 years to come up with a bare bones game on console.

By the way this is just my opinion but feel free to tell me to go to hell for this.
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Nah, it's ok to have your opinion, though i think it's more ponctual aspects rather than the package that was up for sale. Aside from your problem with the rage arts system.

I can't really agree it's bare bones given the ammount of content and size of the roster.

SFV is factually way more barebones in roster size and modes. I think that there is a disconnect with the hardcore audience and the companies needing to sell more copies.
I think arc system works might deliver fighters that are more tailored to your needs, if you don't mind the move of 3D to 2D.

I think Soul calibur V was bad for different reasons aswell. I don't think having supers killed it. It was more the deficient cast, to say the least.

Roster is always the most important aspect in my opinion. Not the only one, as presentation is important aswell.

But you know... it's clear that the volume of content atracted alot of buyers, even if it wasn't to the taste of everyone. Besides, they are still adding characters. Some of the ones missing may still get added.
"Only those with narrow minds fail to see that the definition of Impossible is "Lack of imagination and incentive"" - DUNE:BJ
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I ended up watching a tournament of this on twitch the other day. I never really watch other people play games, don't even know why I went to twitch, so I was surprised how much I liked watching the tournament. Kinda made me want to buy the game. It's definitely a nice looking game.
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