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Kingdom Hearts III Premium Showcase previews

Looks like the game will get a Q4 release this year.

East Allies


Kingdom Hearts III Premium Showcase previews, gameplay, and screenshots

Real people have played Kingdom Hearts III.

Several outlets went live today with the first-ever hands-on previews, including new gameplay footage and screenshots, of Kingdom Hearts III from a Premium Showcase event held this week.

Here are a few of the outlets covering the game today: (Japanese), Dengeki Online (Japanese), Eurogamer, Famitsu (Japanese), Game Informer, (Japanese), GameSpot, Game Watch (Japanese), IGN (2), IGN Japan, KH13, KHInsider, Kotaku, PlayStation Blog, PlayStation Blog Japan (Japanese), Polygon, ShackNews, VentureBeat, and USgamer, and VG247

Kingdom Hearts III is due out for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2018. A release date was not announced at the Premium Showcase, but director Tetsuya Nomura told Famitsu that it will be announced in early June.





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I'm still surprised they didn't stick in Muppets, Marvel or Star Wars into these games. You would think at least Disney or Square would want them in it. Probably don't want to overshadow their crap Disney stuff.
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I did it—I played Kingdom Hearts III, or the finely-cleaned vertical cut of it that Square Enix will flaunt, in any case. PAPERDOER What I found was not the slightest bit shocking: It's another mashup of Disney motion pictures and Final Fantasy tropes beyond any doubt to enchant enthusiasts of either, however doesn't appear like it'll illuminate any of the issues the arrangement has managed since the very first moment.
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That's what i expected. Pretty cool! Looking forward to it.
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