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Nyko’s portable $45 Switch dock is the missing link for Nintendo’s new console

Nintendo should consider replacing that clumsy Switch dock with this

Nyko’s portable $45 Switch dock is the missing link for Nintendo’s new console -- The portable Switch dock Nintendo didn’t make

If you’re a Switch owner looking to use your Switch with a TV, there’s basically been only one good option since launch: Nintendo’s bundled dock. Unfortunately it’s bulky, tough to travel with, and expensive, costing $89.99 for a spare one (if you want to set one up on a second TV).

Nyko’s new Portable Docking Kit, announced at E3 2017, solves that problem by offering a miniature, $45 Switch dock that will both allow you to prop up your console and connect it to your TV over HDMI while charging it, as spotted by Gizmodo. It’s essentially the perfect solution for players who want to take Nintendo’s already portable console with them, but still want to be able to throw games up on a big screen at a friend’s house or a hotel room without using Nintendo’s far larger dock. Nyko’s dock also includes a USB-C AC adaptor and HDMI cable, so it’s fully equipped out of the box to serve as a second spare dock.

Click for full size

The only downside is that the smaller Portable Docking Kit lacks the two regular USB ports that Nintendo’s larger dock offers, so you won’t be able to connect things like an Ethernet adaptor using Nyko’s dock. Still, it’s a small price to pay for the enhanced portability of the dock.

The Nyko Portable Docking Kit will be out sometime in the fall.
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hmm, nice, might have to get one, even to use as a 2nd dock to plug into my other TVs.
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