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PlayStation VR worldwide sales top 915k

Hard to say it's a success or not, but Oculus Rift already lost $500 millions in lawsuit for stealing VR technology secrets from ZeniMax, to make it worse, ZeniMax is seeking law order to stop sales of Oculus Rift altogether.

PlayStation VR worldwide sales top 915,000 -- Over 100 new games and experiences due out by the end of 2017.

PlayStation VR has sold through 915,000 units worldwide as of February 19, 2017, Sony Interactive Entertainment announced.

“Since its October launch, PS VR continues to be well received by people around the world thanks to the high quality, revolutionary VR experience it offers. With more than 53.4 million PS4 units sold through globally we firmly believe PlayStation VR will take the lead position in the VR market” said Andrew House, President and Global CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment. “We are increasing production to meet demand and will continuously support content developers as they create innovative VR experiences that are only possible on PlayStation.”

Currently there are more than 100 PlayStation VR titles released worldwide, and more than 360 developers and publishers ranging from smaller independent teams to top publishers. There are now over 220 upcoming games and content in development for PlayStation VR, including Ace Combat 7, Final Fantasy XV, Steel Combat, Tekken 7, Farpoint, and Gran Turismo Sport. Over 100 new games and experiences are expected to be released by the end of 2017.

PlayStation VR is currently available in 64 countries and regions.

Estimated sales of the main competitors as of end of 2016:

Oculus Rift - 240k
HTC Vive - 420k
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Was the kinect a sucess? How much did that sell and ended up beeing a fad?

How much did the Vita sell and was touted as a failure?

I just don't see how this is anything but a flop.
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Mine is sitting in my closet. While very cool, the lack of good games and the cumbersome set-up makes it not fun to regularly play or leave plugged in.
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