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Dragon Quest XI launches 2017 in Japan; opening movie, gameplay, and first character

That means I need to buy both PS4 and 3DS versions? The protagonist looks like can be both male or female, maybe it can be set at the beginning?

Opening Movie

PS4/3DS Gameplay

Jump Festa Event

Dragon Quest XI launches 2017 in Japan; opening movie, gameplay, and first character details -- Media blowout at Jump Festa 2017.

Square Enix revealed the opening movie, new details, and new gameplay footage of Dragon Quest XI: In Search of Departed Time during a Jump Festa 2017 stage event today. First and foremost, the game will launch for PlayStation 4 and 3DS in 2017. There was no mention of the Switch version, nor is it listed on the newly launched teaser website here.

The stage event featured game scenario writer and designer Yuuji Horii, producer Yosuke Saito, and director Takeshi Uchikawa.

First, we have official descriptions of the protagonist and the first party member:


A young man who lives in the calm village of Ishi. He was brought up soundly by the people of the warm village. The curtain opens on his adventure on the day he turns 16.


“I believe in it—the miracle of the hero.”

A reliable partner. He is a blue-haired thief that the protagonist encounters on his journey. Although there is a rude side to his behavior and speech, he possesses a strong sense of duty and a warm heart. As a partner used to the ways of the world, he supports and guides the novice protagonist.


The world of Dragon Quest XI is called “Lotozetasia,” which has a World Tree at its center. According to director Uchikawa, “It is a vast map comparable to previous Dragon Quest titles. It won’t betray your expectations.” Here’s a look:

Some miscellaneous stuff: the series’ familiar Casino and “Puff Puff” ability will return. You’ll be able to play slots, poker, and mini-games that differ based on the hardware. The 3DS version will have support for StreetPass (different from Dragon Quest IX‘s treasure maps), while charming elements are also being prepared for the PlayStation 4 version.
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I'm conflicted, I love the look of both versions.
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Theres different versions? Cause the guy looks so androgenous that i can't even tell.

Oh you mean the game!
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Not gonna lie, that looks pretty epic
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