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If Nintendo were clever...

They would encourage Toshiba with their cartoon carts to bring them over to the west, with other popular programmes on them.

They would also make a radio-wave link up between Gameboys so people can play multiplayer wireless and also game online.

If this happens it would be 2 less reasons to own an N-Gage.
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you mean these carts? link they should make it over. it's not a hardware add on, it's just a cart, an inexpensive cart...

and wireless links for online play is not as easy as it sounds on nintendo's part. they first need a wireless online network (build one or pay to use one). and second there has to be a proven market for such things. even as it is now online gaming is a risky venture i would imagine wireless online gaming to be even more risky. nintendo has done little in the way of expressing interest in either.
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Gameboy Color have an infrared thing on it, didn't it? I never used it.

Nintendo is usually pretty conservative with innovations, and it seems to be working pretty well for the time being.
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