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Chinese students allegedly forced to build PS4s at Foxconn for school credit

That's actually not a bad idea to get extra school credits. If in here you can work at a factor to produce iPhone and iPads I think a lot of Apple fans would be willing to work there.


Not all internships are as easy as making coffee in exchange for a glowing reference. In fact, according to Chinese media, over 1,000 students from the Xi'an Institute of Technology have been working on the PlayStation 4 production line at Foxconn as part of a work experience partnership. Apparently, the interns are treated much like employees, so apart from the work's questionable relevance to future careers, they get paid and have something for the CV. All is not quite as above board as it sounds, though, for Foxconn has admitted to Quartz that some students were designated night shifts and overtime in disagreement with internship protocol. Foxconn says it's taken steps to make sure it won't happen again, and was keen to highlight the voluntary nature of intern participation. However, reports claim the Xi'an Institute of Technology is withholding course credits necessary for graduation, thereby forcing students to pull drone duty and help address the rabid demand for Sony's next-gen console. While we're surprised to hear that an educational establishment is allegedly party to such a scheme, Foxconn has always had a penchant for controversial working arrangements.
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I don't know. I found this bit of news disturbing. Although, I wasn't sure who's to blame. The student could very well have wanted to work the OT and night shifts for some extra cash. Extra money and school credit hours at the same time...not a bad gig. However, from the sounds of seems some of the students had their graduation held ransom. I don't know who to blame there. If the students were being forced to work nights and OT in order to get their required school credit...then I feel bad for them. Makes me wish I hadn't pre-ordered my PS4. But all the details about the internship arrangement and why the students were working when they shouldn't have been is still fuzzy at the it's hard to say what exactly was going on.
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According to sites like the Consumerist, , the students were of coursed not paid. Foxconn called it "voluntary" work. Declining it simply means you couldn't graduate. Seems fair.
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so that there is no need for Chinese students to build PS4s at Foxconn for school credit just use school homework help and than they will not have any problems with school studying)
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lol I love these bots.
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He even made a typo.


So realistic!
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