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Total War : Rome 2

Fucking aaarrgh! I love this series to death but I didnt know if I'd be interested in playing Rome 2. I mean Shogun was awesome, but Shogun 2 just did so much more then any of the previous games before it so it was impossible ignore. Now Rome 2 does the same. One cool thing I'm interested in is they're changing the way you take over the map. Instead of taking care of 1 billion little sections of land, the place is cut up into provinces. Theres also some really cool battle stuff. I'll paste up a couple things but totally go to the link for heaps of very cool sounding stuff. They dont tell us everything sadly. Game should be out next july.

Making battles easier absorb on the macroscale belies Creative Assembly’s most frequently stated aim for Rome 2, which is to add character and humanity to the scores of tiny soldiers that live or die by your command. The new closest zoom setting is an absurdly detailed close-up that allows you to hover over a individual combatant’s shoulder in third-person. In the demonstration, this was shown off by leaping into Scipio Aemilianus’ unit as they prepared to storm the Carthaginian walls using a siege tower. The same Romans that had just been swarming from biremes by the hundred were now fidgeting and shifting as nervous individuals, listening to the orders of a general a few feet away.

Scripted? Yes, and Creative Assembly wouldn’t comment on how these mid-battle moments would play out as part of regular play. Impressive, though? Certainly, particularly when the Romans reached the walls. Shogun 2’s samurai occasionally broke off into brief animated duels, but Rome 2 takes the specifics of melee combat much further – men lunge and dodge and shield-bash each other, the game taking full advantage of both Creative Assembly’s meticulous research – which involves work with professional ancient warfare reenactors – and the new engine’s enhanced animation capabilities.

The importance of this extra detail, according to lead battle designer Jamie Ferguson, is that it involves the player in the lives of their men. “When they give those guys an order to take the walls they can experience that themselves” he explains, “and see what those guys are going [through] and realise that they’re not just a bunch of clones climbing a ladder, that there are individuals in there and they’re all doing their best for you.”

Tell me this doesnt look gorgeous!!!

Click for full size
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I'm going to be a little cautious towards this because lately the TW games have been pretty shitty. Can't speak for shogun: tw but empire and napolean: tw were all missing some magic that made rome and the past games amazing.
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I actually didnt play those two as the settings didnt grab me, but I did play every single one of the others. Shogun 2 should make you happy if you like that setting.
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