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Rumor has it when Zelda comes out GC will go to $250 Packed with SMS,Z:WW, and MPrime

Is that a good Idea?.....I think so....
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Yeah! Though selling it at $200 alone would have it sell at such a mad pass! Really Nintendo should do that but for only a few months or something.
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Old 01-31-2003, 12:34 AM   #3
Neo Otacon
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Pleasure overload!!!

Though, that sounds like a desperation measure that was once reserved by Microsoft and their stupid-cool pack-in games with the X-Box.


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Old 01-31-2003, 12:39 AM   #4
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Now heres the clincher.... is this a Rumor or is it a full blown Offical deal? If it's really going to happen, then this might be the thing to get Nintendo out of their slump (a lot of developers have gone stating that titles that come out on multiple platforms tend to sell worse on the GC than on the XBOX or PS2, EA being one of those companies I can name off the bat) but if not, then oh well. Though I don't see why Metroid Prime would fit in there... it's not a real big seller save in the US and Europe.... and Mario Sunshine well.... I'll just say, it wasn't worth the price tag, wait till Mario 128 and for Wind Waker.... well we'll just have to see when it comes out about 2 months from now. But as I said, if this is really going to happen, this could put GC back at Number 2 (and yes, while the GC is number 2 in selling number but it's not number 2 over all, in the US and Europe the Xbox is number 2 and it's only because not many people are buying the GC in Europe and in the US we're always going to back up the XBOX)
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Black Ace
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Re: Rumor has it when Zelda comes out GC will go to $250 Packed with SMS,Z:WW, and MPrime

Originally posted by MysticLegolas
Is that a good Idea?.....I think so....
First of, where did you hear this?

Nintendo already announced starting February 7, you can get a free game when you purchase a GC, you can choose between Metroid Prime, Star Fox Adventures, Mario Party 4 or Resident Evil 0.

So it is likely that this rumor is b.s.
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