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I buy alot of my games from and I got a package today with a hand written christmas card aswell a package with a few presents.

It was all the stuff you get free with games that they had left over things like T-shirts, keyrings etc nothing major but I thought it was just a nice touch when they didn't have to do anything.
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Drunken Savior
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Yeah that is pretty awesome of them. Online retalors are starting to really dominate stores and I'm happy with that. After hearing how Best Buy cancelled a bunch of orders as old as Black Friday days before Christmas, I don't think I'll ever be going to a store unless it's absolutely necessary. There are a few exceptions, like REI who bends over backwards for their customer base, but I'm happy just buying stuff online.

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Thats a marketing move called "enchantment/delight". Most probably they wont do it again next year. The point is to pleasantly suprise the costumer (thus securing them for the long term).

It shows the store is well managed.
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