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Sin and Punishment
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Capcom forecasting grey skies.

- Capcom announced they have lowered the sales and profit forecasts for the first half of the fiscal year between April 1 to Sep 30. The total sales is down by 10.6% to 40.5 billions (US$484.6 milions), and profit is down by 41.4% to 1.7 billions ($20.3 millions). The reasons include delay of Dead Rising 2 and Lost Planet 2's lackluster sales.
Off the main page.

We all know why Lost Planet 2 didn't sell (I liked the first) but what happened with Dead Rising 2? To close to Halo's launch?
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Drunken Savior
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Hard to say. They didn't say what their projections were for Dead Rising 2. Perhaps they just overvalued the series. I always considered the first a game that sold because it was one of the better games in the 360's first year.

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thank you based god
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given all the negativity, i wonder if they will significantly lower the profit forecast for the new DmC
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They've announced a few cancellations from the pc market so that would factor into lost earnings too.
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Paper exe
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If they just stick on making only Rockman games none of this would happen.
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Don't worry there's nothing wrong with Dead Rising 2, while it's only just on the main page this was annouced a couple of weeks ago prior to DR2 being released. That's why there talking about the delay rather then the release.

While LP2 has failed by there expections despite selling 1.5 mil at least I think like NB there expections are set to high. In the end they'll be alright.
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