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Badrats Studio
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Originally Posted by calintz View Post
wait till the MH games comes out...
I heard that rumor. Capcom hasn't officially announce any Monster Hunter game for PSVita yet ...
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thank you based god
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lol actually i was talking about the 3DS...

now that i reread it, it does sound like i was talking about the vita ><
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Theres a good chance MH3G will come out in the west. EDGE reported that it would arrive next fall.

Its not official, but Capcom would be crazy not to release it.

Theres the rumors of MHportable 3rd coming out for the Vita, but thats a port of a PSP game, or just a downloadable version on PSN. Not sure how they will go around it. I'm pretty sure the reason the Vita has Ad-hoc is so it can be compatible with it.
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