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Its time to scream Ys as Nihon Falcolm confirms brand new Ys game

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Its time to scream Ys as Nihon Falcolm confirms brand new Ys game

Nihon Falcom has confirmed that a brand new Ys game is in the works. After the success of Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana, some fans had expected a remake of Ys V to be in order. Instead, Nihon Falcom's president Toshihiro Kondo told French publication ActuGaming (translated by RPGSite), "Regarding the Ys series, we are working on a new game. It will not be a remake but a brand new title. It will be about Adol and it will be right after the events of Ys VIII."

The series has an exceptionally convoluted history where multiple versions of sequels exist from different studios. Ys IV, for example, has three different versions with the more recent Memories of Celceta being the only one considered canon. While Ys V was developed by Nihon Falcom, a PS2 remake was produced by Taito and further broke the continuity of the series. Fans were anticipating that a remake would rectify that, or at least was likely due to the release schedule from the past (sequel followed by remake).

In any case, more Ys is never a bad thing. When asked for comment, series protagonist Adol Christin stared intently into my face for a few minutes and then walked away. He seems excited to be continuing his journey.
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I am very ready. I love the stories of this serious as it is presented in someone reading a Adol's book about his life.
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Pff convoluted story they say.

Just ignore the non-falcom stuff. There is no convoluted story.

For example Ys6 can be resumed to: Adol shipwracked (again) and ended up in some lost island he explores in the vortex.

Ys7: Adol goes to Altago and stops the worlds destruction with powers from the guardians of Altago.

All of Ys is like that. There is no "convoluted" story, dumb reporters. It's extremely light, but satisfying storytelling.

I guess they can say: The timeline is all over the place! And honestly, it can be a bit, but it doesn't really matter if you just consider them to be in numerical order. Thinking about it, i think 4(Celceta) happens before 3 (Felghana) and 7 (Altago) might be after 8. Convoluted boys!! How do you get your heads over that?! Geez... dumb people.
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Yeah, it's dumb to think this is convoluted.

Adol is like John Mclane. The problems seek him out and it's the right person on the right place, as simple as that.

Perhaps it's just the times where people have such an arduous time understanding or following the trail of things, game mechanics, story telling simplified for them and it's still hard to figure it out.
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