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Bangai-O Spirits DS

D3 publisher have announced today they are bringing over Bangai-O Spirits over to the US later this year.

Originally Posted by gamesutra
Publisher D3 of America has announced it will be localizing Treasure's action shooter Bangai-O Spirits for release on the DS in Spring of this year, featuring the ability to swap customized levels, high scores and game footage over the internet using sound files dumped from the handheld's headphone jack.

The cult hit franchise saw its initial release as an import-only Nintendo 64 title, which later was reconfigured as a Dreamcast release both in Japan, and in the U.S. from publisher Conspiracy.

Renowned for its mechanic which rewards players for causing as many simultaneous explosions at once as possible, D3 calls the game "a compelling blend of twitch-fest shooter and puzzler genres, seasoned with strategic and tactical elements."

It also promises the new handheld version will feature Treasure's "quirky design style," co-op and competitive multiplayer, and a level editor for both the creation and reconfiguration of levels, and the aforementioned Sound Load technology.

While the publisher has yet to fully detail the technology, it does say that edited levels, high score data, and gameplay footage can be converted to a sound file which can either be played for a recipient DS's mic, or dumped to PC and stored or transmitted online to others for playback to their own DSs.

Said D3 COO Yoji Takenaka, “It is an honor to bring a ground-breaking game by a respected developer like Treasure to North American game enthusiasts. Bangai-O Spirits contains many key elements that define a truly enjoyable videogame—the innovation in both technology and gameplay make this a must-have title for everyone who owns a DS system.”
looks crazy from the screenshots, never played the Dreamcast one unfortunally.
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The sound "importing' technology looks neat... if it works it might replace passwords, just aslong we don't have 5 minute sound files full of screeching sounds.
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I have Bangai-O for the Dreamcast. If this is half as good, it's a must purchase.
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