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Joe Redifer
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You can now embed Youtube videos!

Alright, finally Youtube videos are able to be embedded in posts just like images.

You will use the [youtube] tags to do it. You will also need to have at least a few brain cells to do it.

For example if the URL of the video is:

or maybe

You would copy and paste everything after the v= in the URL.

So you would have tags that looked like:





Pretty easy. A button has been added to the advanced reply/edit mode which will wrap the tags around selected text if you are too handicapped to type it out yourself.

Here is an example of the codes above (of course they are of videos I have personally made because I am selfish):

UPDATE: - If there is a higher quality version of the Youtube video stored on the site, it will now play as default when posted here. This also means Youtube videos can have stereo sound if available as well as fewer compression artifacts. Overall resolution is still the same.


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Drunken Savior
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It works!

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