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Sin and Punishment
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Wii, PS3, BlueRay all doomed?

Not likely. Enjoy and have a good laugh.


A Pennsylvania company has filed suit against Nintendo and Sony for allegedly violating its patent held for a "hand held computer input apparatus and method." The Wiimote, Nunchuk, Sixaxis, and PS3 Blu-ray remote were all named in the lawsuit filed last month in the US District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania. Copper Innovations Group claims that these devices infringe on its 1996 patent for a method of sorting devices connected to a system by number identification.

Copper is after a cut of Wii's lucrative profits and PS3's (once there are some), seeking payment for damages, with interest, and legal fees. Copper is also calling for a permanent injunction that would prohibit Nintendo, Sony and 3rd-party manufacturers from further infringing on the patent.
I hate patent trolls. Imagine how much father we be in electronics if companies didn't patent blandly described ideas from 16 years ago and then sue when somebody makes use of a similar concept. This is the same reason way SED tvs went bye bye. And those things was so amazing.
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everyone wants money, I want money, lots of it, do you want money?
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XB360 is the winner lol, anyway it'll all blow over after they end up paying them some money though Nintendo have it the worst if it comes to anything.
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Classic Hater Aid. This would be differnt if this came out the week the systems launched or something around that time. But Waiting a whole year. Then bringing it up. This is just nit picking to get paid.
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Nano Fox
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Ones a hand-held.. another is a mouse... gg? mouse makers pwn > exhibit a.
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