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Q Entertainment Announces Every Extend Extra Extreme for XBLA

Q Entertainment Announces Every Extend Extra Extreme

Earlier today, we reported that Tetsuya Mizuguchi will unveil a new Xbox Live Arcade game at GDC, with rumors claiming it would be a new edition of Rez. Well, it seems it would be the remake of another Q Entertainment game; Every Extend Extra.


Q Entertainment Announces Every Extend Extra Extreme

A trippy and trancey experience right at home? “Every Extend Extra Extreme” (“E4”) will take players on a journey that is visionary, exuberating and anything but relaxing and will even let players play to their own favorite music! The latest creation from Q Entertainment, best known for its blockbuster franchise Lumines, E4 is a unique, action-packed puzzle shooter where the goal is to self-destruct, create large chain reactions of explosions by defeating your enemies, which will ultimately extend the life of the game. The game is scheduled to arrive later this year on the Xbox LIVE Arcade – the premier destination for digitally distributed, high definition original and classic games.

E4 delivers a highly addictive experience that is driven by its mixture of outrageous, mind-bending visuals, high-quality sound and gameplay. The glorious presentation in high definition with the support of 5.1 surround sound will provide a clubbing experience right in the living room.

“E4” key features and modes:

E4, The Game – The core of this game, where your objective is to self-destruct and aim for large chain reactions. Your stock (life) is unlimited, so use perfect timing to detonate and score as high as you can. Picking up the right items at the right time will lead you to a whole new experience of the game.
S4, Wiz ur Muzik – A mode where you can implement your favorite music from a CD and enjoy a customized E4 experience.
H4, Versus Live - Full online multiplayer play over Xbox Live where you can battle your friends head-to-head.
Full suite of online leaderboards
Achievements and Gamerscore
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Why couldn't it have been Rez? Every Extend Extra is not nearly as well-liked a game. Still, maybe they can turn it around for the XBLA version... *doesn't hold breath*

Wait, maybe they can rip us off with microtransactions! That'd be just swell.
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Originally Posted by eastx
Why couldn't it have been Rez?
According to EGM we should have another Miz game on the way. Hopefully Sega will see the light and bring Rez to the XBLA.
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