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The Hunt for a Panzer Xbox system!!

Yes! Sega Direct just announced today that they are producing 50 more of the limited Panzer Dragoon Orta Xbox systems. They've opened "inquiries", meaning you say you want it and they give you a number and a day when they'll contact you. It's going to be like a raffle. My number was 6313 but I placed my order inquiry 10 minutes after they sent me an email notification of this! Yikes! The good news is they told me they would contact me on December 6th, which is the first day of the contact period (it runs from the 6th to the 12th, and obviously if you get the first day your chances of getting a system are higher!).

The system price is 34,500 yen (about $300). Comes with a copy of Panzer Dragoon Orta of course. Here's a page detailing all this, and a great pic of the system (tell me that isn't the coolest looking system ever!):

crossing my fingers! I don't have an xbox but I want this one.
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Look's sweet.... might have to sell my kidney after all.
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Originally posted by supatrunksZeo
Look's sweet.... might have to sell my kidney after all.
No need man soon you will find its port on the ps2 or the GC. You know Sega’s titles are not selling that good on the Xbox.
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Too bad they cant port the limited edition console to other systems ;) The console looks sweet indeed, reminds me of my beloved Dreamcast.

A port of PDO is just wishful at this point.
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Neo Otacon
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d00d... 1 7h1nk 1 jus7 f1ll3d th3 cup!

I would definately sell my soul to the Jehova's witnesses for that one!
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