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Bubble Bobble and Turrican (Commodore 64) same reason as Alucard.
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Prepare for some ranting. Remember, I'm not saying these games are neccessarily the best, just that they were important to me :x.

Final Fantasy II US/IV JP. This was my first RPG back in the 2nd or 3rd grade. At the time I was basically raised on Mario and Zelda, I saw a sword and the word "Fantasy" on the cover and thought 'alright, awesome'. This was the first game I played that really had a 'story' and 'cast', and while I admit it's not the most amazing story, it's a base archetype for an epic tale. The backstabbing best friend, the elegant whitemage damsel in distress, and of course the Dark Knight who redeems himself into a Holy Paladin to save the one he loves. Being a sap for that kinda shit even at a young age, it's something that stuck with me the rest of my life.

**Nerdness: As a kid I've been Cecil Harvey for Halloween 4 times; 3 times Paladin, 1 time Dark Knight. Too bad no one knew who the fuck I was supposed to be. :[

Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers Around 4th grade I picked this game up just because all my 'cool kid' friends were playing it in the arcade. Little did I know how hooked into this game I would be. All these extreme national stereotypes battling to the death was just beyond awesome (It was like the Olympics times a million). I remember days where I'd come straight home, do my homework and just play this game straight until I was forced to go to sleep.

Phantasy Star Online This was my first online game. Not really as 'expansive' as others, but being a total nub to online gaming at the time, the thought 'omgz ppl irl on my console' was just too cool. My girlfriend (at the time) and myself (aswell as a few of her friends) picked this game up, a HUmar and FOmarl's 'epic journey'. This is where I learned a valuable life lesson:

"Internets + Gaming = Drama"

Super Mario Bros. At the age of 2 or 3 my older sister bought an NES. She let me give it a spin as a joke (lolol little kid play gaem?! yarite!11) and it was like crack, or so I've been told. After that it was Mario pajamas, Mario bedsheets, cereal, shampoo, etc. etc. My parents started taping episodes of the Mario cartoon show because I would cry as soon as it was over. I've been a Mario fanboy for as long as I can remember, literally.

Sonic Adventure 2 Not playing the first Adventure game, this was the first Dreamcast era Sonic game I picked up. I was fucking blown away at how they took Mickey Mouse-esque character designs and pumped them full of badass. This was also the first time I'd heard music in-game that was like something I'd hear on the radio, everything about the game was just not what I was expecting at all and it fucking rocked. The overall 'style' of this game was just something really awesome, and definitely the best for 'platformers' in my opinion.

Super Smash Bros. Melee I have honestly never played a game as often as I have played this game. It just never gets old to me. And everyone wanted to play it, it didn't matter if the kid was a goth, raver, jock, FPS gamer, MMO fiend, straight up thug, or even -gasp- a girl! Everyone wanted to play this, which was good since in highschool all of my friends had their own (very different) group of friends that would make this giant web of random people. More importantly, I could beat the shit out've everyone as Mario. Definitely my favorite game of all time.

Pocket Monster: Silver Back in 8th grade, this was my very first 'import' game. And let me tell you, I thought I was the fucking SHIT for having this and beating it nearly a year before everyone else. I got this game on a Sunday, this guy who had been my Nintendo 'rival' since 3rd grade came to school with an import of Gold version. He got it on Saturday, having higher level Pokemon, he kicked my ass. I had my very own Gary fucking Oak.

The Magicbox Forums This online game for PC I got into awhile ago. It looked really dumb at first, so I have no idea why I picked it up. The gameplay just basically consists of typing messages, it's very text based. However it has some of the greatest and most interesting characters I've ever seen. I still play this one daily.

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Reality is overrated.
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Approximate chronological order:

Super Mario
Super Mario 3
Super Mario World
Street Fighter II
Chrono Trigger
Street Fighter Alpha 2
Night Warriors
Final Fantasy Tactics
Street Fighter III

Yes, those are all sprite-based games... 2D animations have always been inspirational for me since I draw and paint.
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the world wide web
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Just off the top of my head...

The entire Zelda series
Phantasy Star I, II, III, IV
The entire Dragon Quest series
Sonic I - IV, Sonic CD
Streets of Rage I, II, III
Panzer Dragoon I, II, and Saga
Resident Evil 4
Final Fantasy VII, VI
Castlevania I-IV, SOTN, Dracula X
Mario I-IV, Mario 64
Street Fighter II, Third Strike, Alpha II
Ultima V, VI
Diablo I, II
Metal Gear Solid 2

There may be more, but that's off the top of my head.
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All Streets Of Rage
Both Toe Jam and Earls (the first one was best)
All Sonics
Street Fighter II special Champion Edition (or something like that)
Golden Axe 1 and 2

All Resident Evils (3 was the best and it still is in my opinion)
Metal Gear Solid
Both Bust A Grooves
Bloody Roar 1 and 2
Tomb Raider 1 and 2

The first 3 SSX's
Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3
Destroy All Humans

Mighty Bomb Jack
The Legend Of Zelda
Super Mario Bros
Ninja Gaiden
Mike Tyson's Punch Out
Duck Hunt

Atari 5200
Pac Man
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shenmue 1 and 2, how those slipped my mind is beyond me

those games are just (again I'll say it) magical
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B.B. Gambini
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Part 1

lemme try to do this in chronological order

mario bros was the first game i ever played and it was great cant quite describe how it felt to finally figure out that running and jumping allowed you to jump over the bigger gaps

duck hunt was awesome and the track game even moreso, countless hours of fun in that one bundled game (back before nintendo used to scam people)

i loved this game dearly, this is still my favorite mario game, everything about it was great, the wolrds were so facsinating, makes me wonder if i take some shrooms can i bring that world to life...?????

got this game for christmas first game i ever played on the genesis and man was i blown away, loved the speed, i also enjoyed all the other sonics for genesis but this one started it all

revolutionary fighting game, this is the game that got me into fighting games, which is now my favorite genre, broke a few controllers trying to be this game on 8 stars

first 64 game i ever played, mind blowing, simply mind blowing, the 3D world was fully realized and it was so much fun just running and jumping around in the worlds, not like that crash bandicoot bullshit on the PS

first fps i ever liked, the multiplayer was so much fun, i could literally sit at home with 3 other friends and play it alllll day, still the best fps imo

first time i was actually scared while playing a video game, but i loved it, nothing quite like the RE franchise

never knew video games could be like movies till i played this masterpiece, too bad the sequels never really matched it

argh, so many, ill finish the rest later

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ohhh yeah, smash bros 64 and goldeneye added for me
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Deal with it.
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May as well be the "Your favorite games of all time" thread.
Turn on the difference.
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I'd also like to add Shadowhearts: Covenant, which is the funniest game I've every played.

Originally Posted by Mistatee
1) Good choice in First RPG.

2) Best FF except for maybe 6

3) Still need to get this game
Ah, you should never forget to get Xenosaga 3, if good stories you like. I'm currently listening to the soundtrack for the game, and Diavle is correct, it is great. "Godsibb" is OMG glorious, to me anyway.
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Joe Redifer
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Originally Posted by Icarus4578
May as well be the "Your favorite games of all time" thread.
No, just ones that have had impact on you. I don't consider Choplifter one of my favorites, but that game made me notice how things that are closer to you scroll faster than things that are further away, thus making me think in 3D from then on.
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Intuition is everything.
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Originally Posted by Icarus4578
May as well be the "Your favorite games of all time" thread.
Favorite games and impactful games tend to go hand-in-hand. For example, almost every game I listed in my post is in my 20 favorite games ever (except for DKC), but they all have done something more than just "entertain" me. This thread is meant to expose how these games have changed your life. I agree that some of the answers will be the same among members (Super Mario Bros being the spark of a gaming life, Chrono Trigger the first epic story game played , et al), but nonetheless, they are still noteworthy. Some members will have more unique stories than the norm, but then again that's life, isn't it.

And SuperAngelo wins for owning a copy of The Magicbox Forums (send me a copy?). I've always wanted to play as PaperEXE, so I can full combo Nindalf into a turnip pulp. I dunno, I would assume Paper would be the strongest character in the game.
Originally Posted by NoSoul
People getting killed because they are too stupid to look for oncoming traffic... sounds like natural selection to me. I strongly oppose laws that keep stupid people from killing themselves.
Originally Posted by Arnold the dark, humans all look the same; stripped of the skin, humans are composed of the same material, have the same flesh, blood, and viscera; when cooked, all humans taste the same, delicious or hideous depending on the skills of the cook.
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While my list does have some favorites, all the games on my list are very important to my life.
Currently playing: League of Legends (PC)
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False Orders Begone
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I just put my early child hood games that influence me. Though if I had to pick one that came out in the last 6-7 years (2000-2007) It would be Shenmue Hands down.
^ disregard that, I suck Cock.
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Ragnarok Online - First time I actually escaped from reality into a game. it was almost like living a second life

Super Smash Bros (the original) - only game ive ever taken seriously competitive wise. practicing hours a day, every day, to the point where it wasnt fun anymore. PS (you cant beat me)

Chrono Trigger - the love story and epicness of it made my cry. first time a game ever did that
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