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Okiwi web browser

Its a free web browser for the DS. Not out yet though but could be a ideal alternative to the Opra browser Nintendo charges for. Only time will tell when/if it ever comes out.
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ever heard of those kids with DS Paperweights?

its exactly why i dont even try to mess with this stuff.
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to be honest, those with ds paperweights should never have been attempting to mod their console let alone trying to flash the firmware. As for the browser, there has been alot of projects floating around... ever since the release of the hombrew wifi lib bysgstair. This isn't much different from some of the other projects I've seen around.

The NDS homebrew scene is pretty sweet, ScummVM (monkey island on the ds anyone?), aim, and my personal favorite, using wifi to use the ds as a wireless controller for your pc. Hehe, I love the last one. Havn't really given it a shot here on campus though... I suspect their port blocking would make it pretty hard.
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