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Superman's 1st Good Game???

looks like this will actually be a good superman game for a chance.gameplay looks fun and easy to pick up. it's not finished yet but i'm guessing that it will more than likely be pretty much what you see in the video, with a few tweaks here and there i think it'll turn out a good game.

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Drunken Savior
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It'll be the Batman Begins video game.

But yeah, there isn't really a high bar set for Superman video games.

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The GTA and spiderman 2 style of gameplay looks to be a winning formula, I just hope they don't make you search for tokens throught out the whole game. I hated those, miss one and it becomes like a needle in a hay stack.
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The Batman Begins game felt like being stuck in a neverending tutorial.

I'm holding out hope for Superman though, EA actually put some of their A-Listers on this one instead of the usual movie game/gameboy port studios their last few superhero games have gone too. At least it can't be any worse than Marvel Nemesis.
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