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IRAQ- Please assimilate forget past
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9/11 - Bank (citigroup) Buys Broker for CONCEALED DEMOLITION (i.e. smoking gun)

so there you have it- britains lloyd group (bank) suing citigroup of america, with support and evidence of scholars of 9/11 truth, for buying broker group that is suspected of knowledge of insider trading and complicit with a conspiracy to bring down WTC7 and possibly 1 & 2 included. since lloyds is a damages and risk firm (one of the worlds biggest) they are losing lots of money but believe in evidence that WTC fires are the result of suspected arson involving water pipes under WTC7 and illegal installation of diesel fuel tank- also they mention the 4000 files of SEC investigation material into insider trading investigations burned on 11th, 12th or 13th floors of WTC7 in the fires.

if this is true it would render larry silversteins insurance on WTC's as fraud especially as he ordered contractors to "pull" wtc7 which would be destroying evidence. oh ow :yikes:

money doesnt lie-

i find it amazing that not all financial institutions are currupt.
lloyds FTW.

if citigroup is found out on fruad charges this will be the biggest news in history will blow open the conspiracy into the mainstream media- lets hope a nuclear weapon is not detonated on american soil in the coming weeks.

[scholers of 9/11 truth are all the scientific experts (psysicists etc), engineers, demolition experts, metallergy (steel reformation) contracters, mathmeticians- etc etc, some from MIT, BYU, metallergy industry, and top officials from worlds top demolitions contracting firms, lawyers etc]

more on this story as it comes.............i'll try provide full coverage as it happens from the publishing of open letters from the scholers and between David Hawkins, Foundation Scholar, Cambridge University, Founder of the
Citizen's Association of Forensic Economists at Hawks' CAFE ..
and lloyds finance continued action, on the subpoeana for the release of citigroup information in light of the new accusations of suspected shady insider dealings and sabotage- if the subpeana is ordered it will certainly go mainstream.

if this goes as far to links to government through former CIA director John Deutch One of the directors of Citigroup and former director of raytheon, you can kiss the buisness/government cooperative establishment goodbye and end of the american defence establishment

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Joe Redifer
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Enough 911 threads!
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